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IndustryEdge is a fully integrated business system of underwriting, risk control and claims services tailored to industries where Travelers Canada has a knowledge edge. Each is designed with industry-specific solutions and has the ability to be customized based on your needs.

We conducted extensive research in key Canadian industries to better understand their exposures and developed broad and customized coverages for mid-size companies within each sector.

When you choose IndustryEdge you can be confident that you’re getting an industry-specific solution that is flexible enough to meet your unique requirements. Learn more.

All our IndustryEdge products feature superior risk control and claims support. For more information about the IndustryEdge® advantage, speak to your broker or locate a Travelers Canada broker near you.

The following IndustryEdge products are now available:

IndustryEdge® for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

IndustryEdge for Food and Beverage Manufacturers is designed to address the industry-specific risks that food and beverage manufacturers face. Learn more

IndustryEdge® for Hotels

From spas and golf courses to gyms, pools and restaurants, the hotel industry is full of assorted properties. It’s also full of diverse risks and exposures. Fortunately, Travelers Canada offers customizable solutions to hotels dealing with real-world risks. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Metal Products Manufacturers

With our comprehensive package of core and specialized lines of coverage, metal products manufacturers can rest easy knowing that equipment and income are protected in the event of a loss. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Mineral Manufacturers

At Travelers Canada, we understand the unique needs of mineral product manufacturers. Our IndustryEdge for Mineral Manufacturers product provides a single-source solution to meet those needs whether it’s a Canadian account or one with U.S. exposures. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Plastics & Rubber Products Manufacturers

IndustryEdge for Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturers provides the coverage and support necessary to keep operations running smoothly in the event of loss or damage. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Printers

As printers embrace technological change and produce more digital, mobile and online content, they also face new risks, including significant errors and omissions exposures. Travelers Canada offers customizable solutions to printers dealing with real-world risks. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Real Estate

IndustryEdge for Real Estate is a comprehensive and flexible coverage which can be tailored to real estate owners and managers’ unique needs. Combined with specialized risk control and claims management expertise, it is a product that is customized to protect commercial real estate. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Retail

Whether you are a boutique, department store, retail chain or planning to expand online, IndustryEdge for Retail is a product that is tailored to your business of today and will help protect and grow your business of tomorrow. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Technology

IndustryEdge for Technology is designed to deliver innovative insurance solutions for Canadian-based high-tech companies. Our team has the expertise to offer products and services in a fast-growing and ever-changing environment. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Textile Manufacturers

Travelers Canada recognizes the unique challenges textile manufacturers face. Our IndustryEdge for Textile Manufacturers reflects our years of experience in and research of the textile sector and its various products including knitting, spinning, weaving and finishing. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers

The wholesale industry faces many unique risks and exposures. IndustryEdge for Wholesalers, Distributors and Importers is custom-designed for the industry including the unique requirements of businesses importing products from foreign countries. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Wineries

Our broad and flexible winery product brings together all the critical coverages needed most by wineries. IndustryEdge for Wineries represents a superior alternative to purchasing a generic insurance product loaded with endorsements. Learn more.

IndustryEdge® for Wood Product Manufacturers

IndustryEdge for wood product manufacturers is specifically designed for a broad range of mid-sized Canadian-based wood manufacturers of finished goods including furniture, fixtures, wood and paper products. Learn more.

Watch this space. More IndustryEdge products are coming soon.

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