Movies, concerts, plays, special events and more

At Travelers Canada, we understand that the magic of the entertainment industry comes from the imagination and creativity of its participants. We also understand that, while the world you create is fantasy, the risks you face are all too real.

We insure all facets of the entertainment industry with highly specialized coverage and services. Whether it's for talent, props, equipment, or intellectual property, our experts can satisfy your unique insurance needs. We also offer special events coverage for virtually any type of event, including plays, concerts, meetings and festivals.

Dedicated experts

Our dedicated-expert approach gives you the benefit of consistency in dealing with someone you can trust to offer you competitive pricing, unique products and a quick response to your last-minute needs as well as knowing who to consult for outside resources on very large or complex exposures.

Risk control support. When you need it. How you want it.

At Travelers Canada, we believe in the power of prevention. Our risk control professionals have the knowledge, experience and technical ability to help identify and reduce exposures that could result in injuries or damage. In addition to on-site risk control inspections, we offer a wide range of safety-related tools and resources via our industry-leading risk control customer portal. All available 24/7.

Claims professionals who know your business

In addition to knowing how to manage complex issues, our highly trained claims professionals understand the entertainment industry. Through a commitment to outstanding customer service, Travelers Canada is there when you need us most.

Our range of coverages includes:

  • Motion Picture Production Package & Special Producers Production Package
    • Cast protection
    • Negative film and videotape protection
    • Faulty stock, camera and processing protection
    • Props, sets and wardrobe protection
    • Miscellaneous equipment protection
    • Third party property damage liability
    • Extra expense protection
    • Business personal property protection
    • Auto physical damage protection
    • Crime protection
    • Animal mortality protection
  • Producers or distributors liability protection
    • Errors and omissions
  • Commercial general liability
  • Umbrella

 Our target customers:

  • Actors and entertainers
  • Bands and musicians
  • Booking agencies
  • Concert promoters
  • Conventions
  • Event managers
  • Festivals
  • Film libraries and stock footage
  • Motion picture casting
  • Motion picture distribution
  • Motion picture film processing
  • Motion picture laboratory services
  • Motion picture personnel services
  • Motion picture productions
  • Motion picture reproduction and editing services
  • Motion picture services, general ancillary services
  • Motion picture sound effects and music production
  • Music recording producers
  • Promoters of shows and exhibitions
  • Recording and mobile studios
  • Sound and lighting companies
  • Talent agencies
  • Theaters
  • Theatrical agents and managers
  • Theatrical companies, bands, actors & entertainers
  • Theatrical services
  • Ticket agencies
  • Trade shows arrangement services
  • To purchase entertainment insurance from Travelers Canada, call your insurance broker or find a broker near you.

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