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Ocean marine insurance for a total account solution

Travelers Canada is a leading provider of ocean marine insurance in Canada with an extensive product portfolio that includes cargo, hull, liabilities and luxury yacht. With in-house risk control, recovery and claim expertise – and a property and casualty unit dedicated solely to our customers’ non-marine exposures – Travelers Canada provides total account solutions.

Travelers’ history in the ocean marine insurance industry speaks for itself

  • Travelers has been writing the world’s oldest form of insurance for more than 160 years
  • Travelers was the first North American carrier to offer a marine general liability (MGL) package
  • Travelers was the first to provide a separate limit of liability for defense costs in its MGL form

We continue to monitor the ever-changing landscape of the ocean marine industry to stay in step with your needs. As one of the strongest companies in the marketplace today, we are poised to be your ocean marine market of choice.

Our ocean marine products

  • Marine cargo insurance
  • Ocean marine and air cargo insurance
  • Bluewater/Brownwater hull and machinery
  • Protection and indemnity (in conjunction with hull and machinery risks)
  • Luxury yacht – Hull and P&I coverages
  • Marine legal liabilities
    • Wharfingers
    • Stevedores/Terminal operators
    • Ship repairers
    • Charterers
    • Marina operators
    • Marine general liability
    • Property and casualty
    • Excess liability and bumbershoot capabilities
    • Marine and non-marine exposures through our specialized P&C team
    • Shipwright

Our customers

We insure a wide range of clients in the marine industry including:

  • Fleets of oceangoing and domestic vessels
  • Importers and exporters (cargo only)
  • Wharfingers/Stevedores/Terminal operators
  • Ship repairers
  • Charterers
  • Marinas

Note that Travelers Canada Ocean Marine has a $2,500 minimum premium

Additional information about our ocean marine products

Marine cargo insurance

This is the oldest form of insurance as we know it today. Coverage is against physical loss or damage to international air and sea cargo; ranging from basic perils to all-risk insurance. Coverage is written on a warehouse-to-warehouse basis. The basic policy form is generally extended to cover temporary storage, inland transit, war risk, strikes, riots and civil commotions.

Bluewater/Brownwater hull & machinery (fleets only)

Providing coverage against physical damage, sue and labour and collision liability on commercial ocean going and domestic vessels operating in the coastal and inland waters of Canada.

Luxury yacht

Providing all-risk coverage against physical damage, as well as liability coverage under the protection and indemnity section.


Shipwright coverage is designed for specialty ship repairers and marine contractors with gross receipts up to $500,000. It provides marine general liability, including coverage for products, completed operations, contractual liability, ship repairers legal liability and miscellaneous property coverage for tools/supplies, plus workboat coverage.

Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

Coverage is offered in conjunction with hull and machinery risks.

Marine legal liabilities

Providing coverage for all classes of traditional marine and marine related support operations, such as:

  • Wharfingers – Covers the legal liability of an owner or operator of a dock or pier for physical loss to vessels and barges and equipment while in his care, custody and control
  • Stevedores/Terminal operators – This type of insurance is written to cover a stevedore's liability as imposed by law in connection with direct physical loss or damage to property of others arising out of the loading and/or discharging of vessels in the care, custody or control of the assured for the purpose of loading/unloading
  • Ship repairers – Covers a ship repairer's liability as imposed by law in connection with making repairs or alterations to vessels entrusted to him for such purposes
  • Charterers – Covers the legal or contractual liability a charterer has to a vessel owner for various obligations specified in the charter party (voyage charter or time charter)
  • Marine operators – Covers the legal liability as imposed by law for operations of private pleasure vessels that are in the insured’s care, custody or control.
  • Marine general liability (MGL) – Covers the general liability exposures of an insured on an occurrence basis. Products and completed operations liability coverage is also provided
  • Excess liability – Provides excess liability layers for all classes of traditional marine and marine related support operations, on a specific excess basis
  • Bumbershoot – The Bumbershoot policy is the marine equivalent of an umbrella liability policy

To purchase ocean marine insurance from Travelers Canada, contact your insurance broker or find a Travelers Canada broker in your area.

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