Technology risk management resources

At Travelers Canada, we understand that technology companies operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, one that often creates unique risk exposures. From highly sensitive, precision instrumentation and laboratories, to complex network servers, internet or other software systems, we have a variety of risk management resources available to help technology customers.

Cyber risk management

How well prepared is your company to protect your data, networks and operations against data compromise, theft and cyber attacks?

Cyber security program administration

Management commitment to cyber security is foundational to a company’s development and deployment of a cyber security program. Other key elements include establishing a cyber team, a set of cyber security policies and, in cases where a company decides to contract outside the company for help, a process by which third party vendors are selected. Your cyber security program should align to your business strategy.

Take a self-evaluation first to help identify your potential gaps and map your work effort and progress.

Other resources and tools