Warranty Claim

How to Complete the Notice of Claim

To make a warranty claim to Travelers Canada, please complete a Notice of Claim form and send to: warrantyclaimcanada@travelers.com. 

Home Warranty Claim Contact Information for All Provinces

Email: warrantyclaimcanada@travelers.com 
Fax: 1.866.777.7889
Mail/Courier/Delivery: 1275 North Service Road, 2nd Floor, Oakville, Ontario L6M 3M3
Toll-free Claim: 1.800.661.5522

Tips for making a claim

  • For each claim item, please specify the location and describe the issue in as much detail as possible.
  • You should also provide any photos and documents about your claim that may assist Travelers Canada in assessing your claim. Please send any relevant information with your Notice of Claim form. Please note, multiple pictures will need to be submitted in separate emails.
  • When submitting a Notice of Claim form related to common property of multi-building complexes, you should submit the form under each policy for each affected building, noting the specific items for each building/policy.

Before making a claim

  • Review your Home Warranty certificate and note warranty expiry dates and exclusions not covered under the warranty:
    • Normal shrinkage of materials caused by drying after construction (such as minor drywall cracks and nail pops)
    • Landscaping (including plants, fencing and detached structures)
    • Subsidence of land around a home (with certain limited exceptions)
    • Site grading and surface drainage (except as required by the BC Building Code)
    • Damage to personal property or real property not considered part of the new home supplied by the builder
    • Contract related issues, such as cost overruns or other financial disputes, incomplete work, substitution of materials or colors, delayed occupancy or deposit refunds.
  • Review the BC Housing Construction Performance Guide (for homes in British Columbia) or the Alberta Construction Performance Guide (for homes in Alberta) which outline minimum standards required for new homes covered by home warranty policy.
  • Contact the builder and work to resolve warranty issues. If your issues are not fully resolved, make a claim to Travelers Canada.
  • If making a Strata/Condominium unit claim:
    • If you are the owner of a strata/condominium unit, please note that any warranty claim related to common property (such as exterior siding or windows/doors) or limited common property (such as an exterior deck) must be submitted by the authorized representatives of the strata council on your behalf. Individual owners may only submit warranty claims for their units.

The claims process

Once a Notice of Claim form is received by Travelers Canada:

  • Travelers Canada is required to investigate the claim and confirm if coverage is available.
  • A Record of Claim document will be provided to the claimant and the builder to outline Travelers Canada position on each claimed item.
  • Initially, Travelers Canada will ask the builder to contact you directly and work with you to resolve your claim. The builder is most familiar with your home and how it was constructed, and, usually, most claims are resolved at this stage. The builder will communicate their investigation findings and advise Travelers Canada.
  • If you are not satisfied with the builder’s response to your claim, you may request that Travelers Canada conduct a claims inspection.
  • Once Travelers Canada receives an inspection request:
    • An inspection will be scheduled and your eligible claimed items will be reviewed.
    • A Report will be issued outlining Travelers Canada’s position and any warrantable defects will be rectified.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Travelers Canada claims process, please do not hesitate to contact your assigned Claim Professional.


In the event a dispute arises under the home warranty insurance between you and Travelers Canada that cannot be resolved by informal negotiation within a reasonable period of time, the following are additional options available to you:

  • Contact your Claim Professional to request a review of the Claim File by a member of management.
  • For Alberta: Follow the dispute resolution process set out in section 519 of the Insurance Act.
  • Mediation – is defined in the application Act and Regulation in BC and Manitoba – is available to all home warranty policyholders in BC, SK and MB.
  • Contact the Travelers Canada Ombudsman’s Office. Find more information on our consumer complaints process here.