Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions after a claim

What's covered in a property policy?

Property policies separate losses into various types, each with its own conditions and limitations.

  • Personal Property - Most of the contents of your home, from your clothes to linens to electronics, are considered Personal Property.

  • Real Property - Buildings and land are considered Real Property. A fire in your home can damage both the structure (Real Property) and the contents of the home (Personal Property).

  • Liability - Your responsibility to other people when they suffer loss or injury due to your negligence.

The amount of coverage available depends on the type of policy, the insurance purchased and the nature of the loss. Please consult your policy or your broker for details.

What's a deductible?

Insurance is designed to protect people from losses they cannot afford. Adjusting many very small losses would be very expensive and would unnecessarily increase premiums. Therefore, when you buy a policy, you agree to pay the first portion of any loss. For example, if your deductible is $500 and your total covered claim is $2,000, we would pay you $1,500. For claims against your vehicle, depending on your policy, your degree of responsibility and the province within which you have the accident, the deductible may not apply.

What does the term "subrogation" mean?

Subrogation is a process in which Travelers Canada seeks to recover funds on your behalf from the party responsible for the loss. Subrogation assigns blame where it belongs and ensures responsible parties are held accountable for their actions. Consider why your loss happened. We will be evaluating this information when reviewing the facts of your loss. It is this philosophy that allows us to recover payment from parties responsible for our customers' losses.

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