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Savings and benefits to members

Travelers Canada’s Group Auto & Home Program offers savings and benefits to members of participating businesses, occupational or alumni associations and unions. Do not miss out on a way to get better coverage and special program rates on insurance for members’ cars and homes.

The benefits add up

  • Leveraging combined buying power can result in significant savings
  • Group insurance provides added value to your members, at no cost to the group or association
  • Coverage is available for members’ cars, houses, condos, motorcycles, watercraft, seasonal dwellings, vacation trailers, recreational vehicles and more
  • Your members will enjoy 24/7 claim reporting and our Repair Satisfaction Guarantee, which covers all of the repair work completed by our recommended vendors
  • We will work closely with you and your broker to customize your offering to match the specific needs and wants of your group

Start saving

Our Group Program is available to a variety of groups, associations and unions. Contact your broker or find a Travelers Canada broker to take the first step in offering insurance savings and peace of mind to your members.

Personal insurance policies are underwritten by The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, part of Travelers Canada. We do not currently offer personal insurance in Quebec.

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