On the road

On the road

Drive safely to your destination

Commuters, vacationers and parents in a hurry - we all share the road together. By learning the rules of the road, you can help keep everyone safe

You may be a great driver. Or a great driver having a bad day. Or a great driver at an intersection surrounded by a teen driver, someone staring into their GPS and a driver who just had "a few" drinks. So you have to be alert and careful at all times because those around you might not be. Travelers Canada offers safety tips and resources that can help you avoid accidents and vehicle theft, and can help you teach new drivers about road safety.

The links on this page will direct you to travelers.com, where you will find helpful tips and tools.

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Driving in fog safely

Help prevent disaster when driving in fog by skipping the high beams and staying focused.

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Safely towing and lanching your boat

Carefully trailering and towing your boat and following the right steps for launching a boat from a trailer can help keep you and your boat safe.

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Spring driving tips

Winter may be most known for its treacherous driving conditions, but spring also can be a difficult season for driving. From wind and rain to wildlife emerging from hibernation, spring driving can be challenging in its own right.

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After an accident

Accidents on the road are stressful. Filing your claim shouldn't be. That's why our claim professionals do everything they can to make the process smooth and stress-free, helping you get back on track quickly.

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