Oil and Gas

Dedicated to the insurance needs of the oil and gas industry

Running an oil and gas business is no easy task. Overseeing rig equipment and tools, conducting well evaluations, managing crew and complying with ever-evolving government regulations are rife with potential problems. While you need to know that you're protected in case something does go wrong, troubleshooting any of the numerous events that could threaten your operation is likely your first priority.

At Travelers Canada, we understand that, and can help lift insurance worry from your shoulders. Using our in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas industry and understanding of your commitment to exceptional practices, we've developed a portfolio of products tailored to your unique needs.

Local Canadian expertise

Through our offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Travelers Canada provides customized insurance solutions for onshore energy accounts within the upstream industry.

Key coverages

EnergyPro® General Liability Coverage

Designed to address the general liability exposures that confront businesses operating in the oil and gas industry today. Our integrated coverage approach combines pollution coverage with commercial general liability coverage in the same policy form to provide virtually seamless protection for many types of losses.

EnergyPro® Umbrella Excess

For increased policy limits

Inland Marine and Property Coverage

To cover costs or losses related to a contractor's shop and equipment, or oil lease properties

Automobile Liability Coverage 

For vehicles used on a day-to-day basis in an oil and gas operation

Our customers

We provide products and services for classes of business directly and indirectly tied to oil or gas exploration and production, including but not limited to:

  • Service contractors (e.g., well loggers, perforators, geophysical services, workovers, oil field electricians)
  • Equipment rental firms
  • Geologists and seismic exploration
  • Manufacturing and wholesale firms (e.g., tubular products)
  • Operators and non-operators
  • Facility construction including pipeline
  • Drilling contractors

To purchase insurance from Travelers Canada, contact your broker or locate a Travelers Canada broker near you.

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