Comprehensive coverage delivered through a modular policy design

A suite of coverages for private companies and non-profit organizations

Wrap+ is designed for private companies and non-profit organizations. It has been crafted with the flexibility to respond to stand-alone coverage needs or as one seamless policy suite of coverages. This state-of-the-art product also offers consistent language, terms and conditions throughout all coverages, making policy building more efficient. 

Coverages include:

The Wrap+ advantage

Modular design provides choice

Coverages can be combined as a package or purchased as individual, standalone policies. Each coverage has been crafted to seamlessly work with all other coverages. Additional coverages can be “snapped in” to a policy upon renewal or mid-term. Whether it’s one or all our coverages added over time, with Wrap+ there’s always one cohesive policy.

Comprehensive coverage for today and tomorrow

Wrap+ boasts some of the most progressive coverage found anywhere, providing contemporary protection for today’s evolving exposures.

An easy process

What could be easier than one insurer, one application, one renewal date and one cohesive policy form? And with clearly defined coverage modules – all listed on the same declarations page – customers know exactly what coverages they have and what their limits are.

No growing pains

Wrap+ is scalable to fit your business needs. Customers can begin with smaller limits and retentions, and increase them as their businesses grow.

Valuable risk management services

With the purchase of our Wrap+ kidnap and ransom coverage, customers get access to Constellis, a premier crisis management organization.

To learn more about Wrap+, contact your broker or locate a Travelers Canada broker near you.

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