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Make Sure You Are Eligible for the Best Home Warranty Coverage

Buying a new home involves making many important decisions. It is important to carefully research all aspects of home ownership, seek professional advice, and gather as much information as possible about your potential new home before you sign the agreement of purchase and sale.

In order to obtain the benefits of the Travelers Canada Home Warranty coverage, you will need to confirm the following points:

  • The new home has been built by a Travelers Canada approved builder
  • The builder is licensed by BC Housing – Licensing and Consumer Services Branch (
  • The new home has been registered with Travelers Canada for home warranty coverage

Travelers Canada selects its builders based on their track record, technical expertise, financial capacity and after-sales customer service. Only builders that meet Travelers Canada’s stringent underwriting criteria are approved.

Before Taking Possession

Before taking possession of your new home, it is recommended that you make arrangements with your builder to conduct a preoccupancy walkthrough to identify any construction deficiencies that may need to be corrected prior to occupancy.

At this meeting you can expect your builder to present you with a Warranty Commencement Date Certificate for signing. 

Upon receiving a copy of the signed certificate from your builder, Travelers Canada will provide you with your Home Warranty Certificate by mail. This certificate assists us in determining the commencement date of warranty coverage for your new home. Please be sure to read this document carefully and keep it in a safe place. Should you sell your home, the warranty stays with the home and is passed on to subsequent homeowners.

The Home Warranty Certificate explains the warranty coverage in detail, defines any exclusions and outlines the process for reporting warranty defects in your new home. You should refer to the BC Residential Construction Performance Guide to assist you in identifying and reporting defects to Travelers Canada.

Protecting your new home warranty coverage requires that you properly maintain your new home. Please refer to the Maintenance Manual to help you protect this important investment for years to come.

After You Take Possession

Once you have taken possession or moved into your new home, one of the critical steps is to ensure that your home warranty coverage has taken effect. Travelers Canada requires the builder to submit a Warranty Commencement Date Certificate or acceptable proof (statement of adjustments or occupancy permit) to acknowledge who is in possession of the home and the date on which we are able to commence the home warranty coverage.

In order to determine the policies and procedures for commencing the home warranty coverage on a new home, please refer to the Warranty Commencement Date Guidelines below. If you are now in possession of your Home Warranty Certificate, you must ensure that you have thoroughly read through this document and are clear on your obligations under this policy.

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