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Underwriting and Administration:

Kerry Nagy, Assistant Vice President - Underwriting
Ingo Viehweger, Regional Manager, Alberta Region
Taina Phelan, Senior Underwriter & Team Leader
Alison Pope, Senior Underwriter, Vancouver Island
Rosalind Nair, Senior Underwriter, Lower Mainland
Alan Sung, Underwriter, BC Interior
Lynette Singh, Underwriting Assistant
Casey Kanhai, Underwriting Assistant
Ken Kellington, Underwriting Assistant
Fiona Meaden, Senior Housing Registrations Assistant & Team Leader
Haylee Bowling, Housing Registrations Assistant

Technical Services:

Jan Rasilainen, Assistant Vice President - Technical Services
Don Munich, Senior Technical Representative & Team Leader
D'Arcy Allen, Senior Technical Representative, BC Interior
Joe Mis, Senior Technical Representative, Alberta Region
Darren Price, Senior Technical Representative, Alberta Region
Scott Mackenzie, Technical Representative, Alberta Region
Jim Patterson, Senior Technical Representative, Vancouver Island
Joe LaFleche, Senior Technical Representative, BC Interior
Tony Cruz, Technical Representative, Lower Mainland
Devin Pickles, Senior Technical Representative, Lower Mainland
Brendan Bobby, Technical Representative, Vancouver Island
Erin Bowling, Technical Assistant

Claims Services:

Mike Knoll, Senior Claim Professional
Cornel Peana, Claims Counsel
Keoni Norgren, Claim Counsel
Stephen Tailby, Claim Professional
Robert Pol, Claim Professional
Cheri Gallello, Claim Professional
Karen Mason, Claim Professional
Ferdinand Gonzales, Claim Professional
Alexis Castruita Castellanos, Claim Professional
Jack Kavanagh, Claim Professional

Head Office:

Howard Friedman, Vice President and CUO, Residential Surety