Travelers Executive Choice®

Comprehensive solutions for Canadian public companies –
D&O, EPL & Fiduciary, Crime, Kidnap & Ransom, Cyber and ID Theft.

Every day, newspapers are filled with articles about companies being sued over mergers and acquisitions, signs of financial weakness and conflicts of interest. Courts are overflowing with shareholders, competitors, customers and governmental entities making damaging claims against a public company’s directors and officers – many times resulting in seven-figure verdicts against businesses, and directors and officers who thought they were in the right.

Protecting business assets and sheltering your management team’s personal assets are important and can assist in attracting and retaining qualified board members. Management liability insurance through our Travelers Executive Choice® for Canadian companies product line can give you confidence and peace of mind if a potentially damaging suit threatens to put your business in a tailspin.

We deliver comprehensive protection under one modular policy

Superior flexibility

  • Modular design allows you to tailor coverage options to your specific needs
  • Limits of liability up to $25 million
  • Choice to have our experienced Travelers Canada attorneys and claim specialists manage the defence of your claims, or to defend your own claims
  • Option to maintain a separate limit of liability or to share limits across different coverages

Other coverage features

  • Claim is broadly defined to include written demands for monetary and non-monetary relief, civil, penal and criminal proceedings, arbitration proceedings, administrative or regulatory proceedings, and service of subpoena on an insured person
  • The policy is not cancellable by Travelers except for non-payment of premium
  • An automatic 180-day post-policy reporting period if policy is renewed with Travelers
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Coverage for punitive, exemplary and multiplied damages if such damages are insurable under the law
  • Entity versus insured exclusion provides carveouts for security holder derivative actions and demands, interview requests, claims by entities in bankruptcy proceedings, claims under Dodd-Frank Section 954 or similar statues, and claims brought outside of Canada, the U.S., U.K., Australia or any other jurisdiction governed by a common law legal system
  • No reporting requirement and automatic coverage for acquired subsidiaries that are smaller than a specified threshold for management practices acts taking place after the acquisition date
  • If your company is acquired, the policy continues until the end of policy period for management practices acts committed prior to the date of acquisition (a coverage quotation can be provided for an additional three-year extension for such run-off of coverage)

Quality service

  • Our decentralized underwriting – provided through our Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal offices – allows for efficient, expert service
  • Our dedicated claims centre is staffed by professional liability claims attorneys and claims specialists

For more information about Travelers Executive Choice®, contact your broker or locate a Travelers Canada broker near you.